Yay! It’s Time for UU Summer Camp!

SAVE THE DATES: August 5-7

Peace and Nature Camp @ UU Church, West Lafayette

Watch for more info coming very soon….

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Summer CYRE

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watch the clouds float across the sky is by no means a waste of time.

 John Lubbock

Flower communion marked the last Sunday of our regular church year and r.e. programming.  This summer, we will be experimenting with some limited r.e. offerings.  In June, parents of preschoolers are reminded that care is offered in the nursery, while children entering kindergarten- 5th grade start out and meet all together in the fellowship hall for lessons from Passport to Creation, a curriculum that explores creation stories from various cultures through story and arts/crafts.  (Please note: no Time for All Ages in June).  Frank Arnold will teach our first lesson based on a story from Native American culture on June 2nd.  Watch for further announcements on weekly topics on the r.e. page of our church website and in the weekly update.  In July, children will return to beginning in the sanctuary for the first part of the worship service through Time for All Ages.  Supervised play (either on the playground or in the fellowship hall, dependent on the weather) will be offered for the duration of the service, as our volunteers allow.  A sign up sheet for volunteers will be in the fellowship hall- please consider helping out.   Plans for Sundays in August are still pending, dependent on attendance, interest, and volunteers.  Watch for further information and registration coming soon for Peace and Nature Camp August 5-7, which will be offered roughly the same time (5-8:00ish) and in the same format (workshop rotation) as last year’s Harry Potter camp.

Confirmed: We have 7 youth and 3 adult chaperons traveling to General Assembly in June.  Thanks to Jason and Julie Rubsam for chaperoning with me.   Youth also have the opportunity to participate in Youth Midwest Leadership School at Beloit College mid-July. 

Finally, if you have ever had the experience of attending a UU youth conference, you will know what I mean when I say it’s a high. Our young people accept and support one another (and even us adults!), are amazingly talented, compassionate, enthusiastic, “tuned in,” and have LOTS of energy to work for justice and shape our world!  Last weekend, eight of our youth, Rae Schnapp (thanks, Rae!) and I attended CONstruction in Louisville.  At the bridging ceremony at Saturday night’s worship service, listening to graduating seniors reflect on the community and experiences they’ve shared during their years growing up in UU churches and attending youth conferences, I felt humbled by their gratitude and hopeful for the future. I truly believe there is no more important work than nurturing our kids.  If you haven’t yet, please consider volunteering to help out with CYRE, so that you, too, can experience the high of interacting with these awesome young people.  You might learn something or find yourself being inspired in a brand new or forgotten way.

Vote For Our UU Rain Barrel!!

Artists, including the children and youth from this church have been busy at work painting rain barrels and its time to show their efforts off!  Walk through the gallery, vote for your favorite barrel and celebrate these great works of art on behalf of the Wabash River!