Our theme for November is Justice, Equity, and Compassion


Image     During our Stone Soup service this coming Sunday, November 3rd, we will be taking up a collection of food suitable for donation to a local food pantry, Seeds of Hope. (For more info, please go to:  http://seeds-of-hope.info/).  Also this Sunday,  Guest at Your Table is an annual tradition in which congregation members learn about several people with whom the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee is working to highlight social justice issues around the world.  For those who choose to participate, a GAYT box is taken home and coins deposited daily over the course of the month.  The boxes and money are then collected the last Sunday before Thanksgiving, and the money is donated to the the UUSC.  During today’s service, GAYT boxes will be distributed to take home for the month of November to encourage families to discuss the humanitarian struggles occurring around the world, and to contribute to the work towards social justice that UUSC does.

  • Next Sunday, November 10th, 1st-8th grade r.e. classes will be visiting the Black Cultural Center at Purdue.(http://www.purdue.edu/bcc/).  Families are asked to drop their children off and pick them up directly at the center that day.  In order to participate, children need to have a signed permission slip and current 2013-14  r.e. registration on file.  Look for the r.e. table during the November 3rd potluck- there will be copies of both forms  and someone from r.e. will be available to answer questions.  Forms can also be accessed from the church website- (you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page: http://uulafayette.wordpress.com/programs/children-and-youth-religious-exploration/). 
  •  November 17th-   All r.e. classes will meet directly in the fellowship hall at 10:30 (no time for all ages today) forSpirit Circle and to learn about the work done at Family Promise, a local non-denominational non-profit organization devoted to assisting families in transitional living circumstances (http://www.fpglinc.org/index.html) Josh Prokopy, a member of our congregation, youth advisor, and Family Promise volunteer will share a little about Family Promise and the work he does there.  Children and youth will end the morning working together to create pillows to be donated to the organization, which will then be distributed to children of the families they serve.
  • Practice for this year’s holiday pageant begins November 27th

Questions?  You can ALWAYS speak with a member of the r.e. council (Kathy Coder, Cheryl Fowler, Frank Arnold, Kirsten Reynolds, Beth Hoffman, Rae Schnapp) or email Sheila (dresheila@gmail.com). 


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