Thanks to all who participated in the holiday pageant last Sunday!! 

Dec 22–  Everyone starts out together in the sanctuary. After time for all ages, kids and teacher head to their regular classrooms for attendance, etc.  At app. 11 am, classes move to the fellowship hall for holiday crafts from diverse traditions.  Special shout out this morning to Kathy Coder (dre for the day) Gale Charlotte (time for all ages), Elizabeth Lincort, and Rae Schnapp (coordinating the crafts)

Dec 29– Holiday Break, NO RE today

Please Consider These Volunteer Opportunities for the Spring! 

Classroom guides help create the structure for their 1-4th grade class.  They begin each period leading the chalice lighting, an optional check-in, and lighting the chalice.  They share a short biography of a notable UU and introduce the workshop teacher.  After that, they are on hand to help as needed to help out with the workshop.  Guide teams for each class work out a schedule on a rotating basis, optimally serving about once per month.  Right now, we could use one extra guide in the 1st-2nd grade class.  We also need 2-3 helpers for the middle school classroom to be a second adult presence in the room each week.

Workshop rotation teachers share a passion or something they have knowledge about with our 1st-4th graders.  Optimally, teachers will volunteer for three weeks, rotating between the three classes (1st-2nd grades meet together). 

Special Projects:  *Clean, re-organize, and help inventory our supplies in the r.e. closets and classrooms *Create Spirit Play story baskets for the preschool room  *drive and/or chaperon youth for overnight lock-ins and events sponsored by the district

Please contact Sheila ( or a member of the r.e. council (Kathy Coder, Cheryl Fowler, Frank Arnold, Beth Hoffmann, Kirsten Reynolds, or Rae Schnapp) if you are interested in helping in any of these areas, or if you have something else that you would like to help out in with r.e.


Image  Attention Holiday Pageant Participants: Please arrive at church early this Sunday.  There will be a final run-through of the pageant with Rev. Charlie in the sanctuary at 9:30 am.

Dec 15- All Ages Holiday Pageant service.  The first few rows of pews will be reserved for r.e. kids participating in the pageant.  If you are someone who usually sits up front, thanks for your understanding!!

Dec 22: After time for all ages in the sanctuary, r.e. students will be dismissed to the fellowship hall for winter holiday crafts from several traditions.

Dec. 29th: RE Break, no class today

Sunday December 8th: Don’t Forget These 3 Things!

Image 1) Warm mittens, socks, hats, scarves to donate to MESA!  RE students will be decorating the mitten tree during the time for all ages portion of the service today!  2)  A healthy snack to share, if you please.  We will be a couple of run-throughs of the holiday pageant today, and here will be time in between, near the end of our r.e. period, for snacks. 3) Holiday pageant practice on the stage in the sanctuary, right after church, with Rev Charlie.  We promise to try to keep it brief.  Practicing on the actual stage will help the kids and organizers- please try to allow your child to participate if you can.  Thank you!