Weekly Notes- October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014


Last Sunday, we kicked off the pledge drive in a fun and unique way! Sherry Tripodi gifted each student with a dollar and explained that they got to choose which area of the church they wanted to donate their dollar. Although, some of the students had trouble parting with their dollar, it was neat to see which area the students choose to support. In the classrooms, the focus was “planting seeds.” The students explored this concept through philosophical discussion, sharing stories, collecting seeds, looking at different types of seeds, and creating seed art. This Sunday, we will focus on the third source, world religions, as we celebrate the Hindu celebration of Diwali (the festival of lights).

Connecting Question(s):

  • How is light used as a symbol in other religions? How is it used in the Diwali celebration?
  • Compare and contrast Diwali to another holiday.
  • How does the Hindu belief “ahimsa” tie into the UU principles?

Connecting Resources:


  • Make sure you have turned in the community survey (both students and adults) so that I can use it in planning events.
  • I am working on website for RE (http://nmccabe.funkatrondigital.com). It is still in the developmental stage, so feel free to check it out and give me feedback.
  • Please see me on Sunday for a Giving Tree handout. It is an exciting fundraiser that the RE will be taking part in for the Christmas Jubilee.*
  • Feel free to e-mail me with any comments, questions, or suggestions at drenicolerice@yahoo.com

Upcoming Events:

  • October 24-26 (CONtagious) youth con in Indianapolis
  • October 25 (Halloween party from 5:00-8:00)
  • November 7-9 (Spirituality Development Training) in Fort Wayne
  • November 23- December 9 (Giving Tree collection)*
  • November 23 (RE Giving Tree fundraiser)*
  • November 30 (youth led Spirit Circle for Chalica)
  • December 5-6 (UU Holiday Art Fair)
  • December 7 (interested 5th-8th grade students/families meet in the UU cafeteria at 12:30) giving tree shopping field trip*
  • December 13 (Christmas Jubilee)*
  • December 21 (Christmas program)