Monthly Newsletter

RE October Newsletter


Thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers, phase one of the REvisioning project is complete. We met during the first week of September to redo all of the RE classrooms. I couldn’t have made it through this project without help from many volunteers who painted, moved furniture, hauled items, hung bulletin boards, took out trash, vacuumed, sorted, organized, decorated, donated supplies, etc. I was incredibly impressed by our youth and their vision for their classroom. Most of them helped out on Labor Day and even came back after school daily to help complete the project.

To the following volunteers, I can’t thank you enough and I’m thrilled at what we were able to accomplish working as a team. The rooms look phenomenal!

  • Kat Braz
  • Amanda Estes, Austin and Evie
  • Don Gresham
  • Stephen David
  • Katharine, Mike, David, Annabel, Lili
  • Beth Misner
  • Bill Welge
  • Alex Key
  • Va’Linda McBride
  • Charlie Davis
  • Kathleen Peyton
  • Amy Bauer

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